Stop producing old shuttle bus models

Dear Customer:

As we informed at the beginning of July, we would gradually stop producing some old models. Today, we would like to inform you officially that the following old shuttle bus models will be stopped from August:
EG6083K, EG6083K01, EG6083K02
EG6112K, EG6112K01
EG6113K, EG6113K01, EG6113K02
EG6116K, EG6116K01, EG6116K02
EG6152K, EG6152K01, EG6152K02
EG6153K, EG6153K01, EG6153K02
EG6156K, EG6156K01, EG6156K02
And all models customized based on the above models.

If nothing specially, we will stop accepting orders of above models from the date of this notice.
If you have order have been confirmed, please advise us within next week, so we can arrange accordingly.

Any question, please feel free to let us know!

Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.